About Us

Tapestry Singers
Tapestry Singers (aka the Austin Women′s Chorus) was founded in 1987 by Ruth Huber to provide women in the greater Austin area the opportunity to sing together and explore their vocal abilities, regardless of skill level or experience. We support any woman who loves to sing and work together through rehearsals, vocal workshops, concerts and mutual encouragement to provide every Tapestry member the skills and confidence to successfully perform both as a chorus member and soloist.

We sing all types of choral music, but our main focus is music by, for or about women and music supporting a just and peaceful world. We also support our community by providing entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring music to listen to. Our chorus is open to all women and does not require an audition to join.

The mission of Tapestry Singers is:

  • To encourage all women, regardless of race, color, sexual identity, or vocal confidence to explore their singing abilities, realizing that many of us were initially afraid that we could not sing.
  • To gain through mutual support the skills that are required to perform confidently and successfully.
  • To bring the joy and healing that comes with singing.
  • To sing songs by, for, or about women and songs that offer a vision of a just and peaceful world.
  • To entertain and inspire a larger community by performing our music.

Tapestry Singers

Our mission is carried out through weekly rehearsals, vocal workshops and by holding periodic concerts. A music selection committee, working several months in advance of each concert, locates appropriate music and, as needed, commissions original arrangements for three– or four–part treble harmony.

Tapestry Singers is a member of Chorus America.