Past Repertoire

the first 30 years – november 18, 2017

The First 30 YearsLove Song for Women
Wise Mother
Everything Possible
The Stove
One Voice
Mouth Music
Music in My Mother’s House
On Children
Le Train D’hiver
Bring Me Little Water Sylvie
Seal Lullaby
Altos’ Lament
And Ain’t I a Woman
Still I Rise

Anne Frank: A Living Voice – May 6, 2017

Anne Frank: A Living VoiceHie Ma Tov, Hebrew Folk Song
I Had A Paintbox, Z. Randall Stroope
Sing Me to Heaven, Daniel E. Gawthrop

Anne Frank: A Living Voice, Linda Tutas Haugen

Hope Is the Thing With Feathers, Susan LaBarr
When I Am Silent, Joan Varner (Bailey Middle School Chamber Choir)
Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen (West Ridge Middle School Varsity Treble
Love’s Onward Journey, Kim Andre Arnesen
Bird Song, The Walin’ Jennys
Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu, Mosh Ben Ari

Spellbound – November 19, 2016

Spellbound CoverAdiemus from Songs of Sanctuary, Karl Jenkins
Hist Whist, Vincent Persichetti
Past Life Melodies, Sarah Hopkins
Sudden Light, Donna Gartman Schultz
The Ride-by-nights, Benjamin Britten
Mulligatawny Macbeth, John E. Govedas
Bewitched, Rodgers and Hart/arr. Russ Robinson
Double Trouble, John Williams/arr. Teena Chinn
Fairies’ Song, Ernst Krenek
Alice in Wonderland, Irving Fine
      I. The Knave’s Letter
      II. The White Knight’s Song
      III. Beautiful Soup
You Stole My Love, Walter Macfarren/arr. Jerry Wesley Harris
Witches Chorus from Macbeth, Guiseppe Verdi

Draw the Circle Wide – May 15, 2016

Draw the Circle WideDraw the Circle Wide, Mark Miller
A Pebble in the Water, Victor Johnson
The Circle Game, Joni Mitchell
The Dawn is not Distant, Christine Donklin
Three Haiku, D. Geoffrey Bell
Things That Never Die, Lee Dengler
Summer Again, Ernst Krenck
Green Music, Kirke Mechem
Will the Circle Be Unbroken, J. David Moore
A Circle is Cast, Anna Dembska
Song to the Moon (La Luna), Z. Randall Stroope
Dirait-on, Morten Lauridsen
The Circles of Our Lives, David L. Brunner
Eternity, Michael Bojesen
Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman
Untraveled Worlds, Paul Halley

What Dreams May Come – Nov. 21, 2015

What Dreams May Come Cover ArtDream Singing, Thomas Bell
Herbstlied, Felix Mendelssohn
The Winters Night, Nicolas Myers
Starts I Shall Find, Victor Johnson
Tabula Rasa, Don Macdonald
Tutu Maramba, Brazilian Lullaby/arr. James Erb
The Awakening, Joseph M. Martin
I am in Need of Music, David Brunner
The Singing Place, Joan Szymko
Watane, Mark Sirett
Wood River, Connie Kaldor & Willi Zwozdesky
Fireflies, Tara Traxler
Just the Way You Are/Just A Dream, arr. Ed Boyer, Ben Bram & Deke Sharon
A Universal Dream, Jenni Brandon

Defying Gravity – May 2, 2015

Defying Gravity Concert Flyer
The Arrow and the Song, Joshua Shank
The Sky is Strung with Glory, Andrea Ramsey
the/sky/was, John Leavitt
Koowu, Maryam Khoury
If I Could Fly, David L. Brunner
On Wings of Song, Felix Mendelssohn/arr. Nancy Grundahl
Wings, Nancy Grundahl
Wing Away, Joan Szymko
To the Sky, adapted from “Prospect”, a southern folk song, by Carl Strommen
Tundra, Ola Gjeilo
Flying, Rachel DeVore Fogarty
High Flight, Karen Linford Robinson
Airplane, Emily Saliers/arr. Steven Sifner
Neverland from Peter Pan, Richard Sherman
Defying Gravity from Wicked, Stephen Schwartz/arr. Roger Emerson
Crossing the Bar, Gwyneth Walker
Touch the Sky from Brave, Alexander L. Mandrell & Mark Andrews/arr. Mac Huff

Endless Song – Nov. 9, 2014

Endless Song Program Cover
How Can I Keep from Singing, arr. Gwyneth Walker
Where the Music Comes From, Lee Hoiby
Come and Sing, arr. Janeal Krehbiel
She Sings, Amy F. Bernon
The Poet Sings, Z. Randall Stroope
Sing We and Chant It, Thomas Morely/arr. Donald Moore
She Sat and Sang, Robert Sieving
Sing Creations Music On, Stephen Paulus
Yo Le Canto Todo el Dia, David L. Brunner
Lullabye, Billy Joel/arr. Mac Huff
Songbird, Christine McVie/arr. Ed Lojeski
Sing Me to Heaven, Daniel E. Gawthrop
Sing a Song of Sixpence, Michael D. Mendosa
There is Sweet Music, Michael Shannon
It’s a Grand Night for Singing, Rodgers & Hammerstein/ arr. Jerry Rubino
I Shall Sing, Van Morrison/arr. Ed Snouffer

Children Will Listen – May 4, 2014

Children Will Listen Program Cover
Children Will Listen, Stephen Sondheim/arr. Mark Brymer
On Children, Ysaye M. Barnwell
Barter, Rene Clausen
I Had a Paintbox, Z. Randall Stroope
Hold On, African-America Spiritual/arr. Jay Broeker
I Am Not Yours, David N. Childs
No Mirrors in my Nana’s House, Ysaye M. Barnwell
Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper & Rob Hyman/arr. Deke Sharon
Dance on my Heart, Allen Koepke
Women Who Came Before Us, Ellen Fishman-Johnson
Run Children Run, Stephen Hatfield
Bloom, Philip E. Silvey
No One is Alone, Stephem Sondhiem/arr. Mark Brymer
Prayer of the Children, Kurt Bestor/arr. Andrea Klouse
Heart, We Will Forget Him, James Quitman Mulholland
Still I Rise, Rosephanye Powell
Music in my Mother’s House, Stuart Stotts/arr. J. David Moore

Listen More Often – November 2, 2013

Listen More Often Program Cover
Adiemus, Karl Jenkins
Breaths, Ysaye Barnswell
Autumn Leaves, Joseph Kosma/arr. Joanna Forbes
Koowu, Maryam Khoury
Stars I Shall Find, Victor C. Johnson
The Nightingale, Eugene Butler
White Bird, Silver Bird from the musical Wings, Robert Nelson
Sky Dances, Roy Brown/arr. Jennifer Stasack
The Lone Wild Bird, Southern Folk Tune/arr. Barbara Poulshock
Watane (Iroquois Soundscape), Mark Sirett
Will There Really Be A Morning, Craig Hella Johnson
Dome Epais from the opera Lakme, Leo Delibes/arr. Francisco J. Nunez
Hotaru Koi, Japanese Children’s Song/arr. Ro Ogura
Fairies Song from Three Madrigals, Ernst Krenek
Mata del anima sola, Antonio Estevez
What A Wonderful World, George David Weiss & Bob Thiele/arr. Mark Brymer

Branching Out: One World – Many Voices – May 4, 2013

Branching Out - One World, Many Voices Program Cover
Salangadou, Creole Folk Song/arr. Susan Brumfield
Gerakina, Greek Folk Song/arr. Henry Leck
J’Entends le moulin, French Folk Tune/arr. Donald Patriquin
The Spinning Wheel, Traditional Irish Melody/arr. Mark Sirett
Cherry Riddle Song, American Folk Tune/arr. Judy Herrington and Sara Glick
Ballinderry, Traditional Irish Folk Song/arr. Jill Gallina
Uskudar, Turkish Folksong/arr. Barbara Sletto, Paul Baker
Ae Fond Kiss, Traditional Scottish Melody/arr. Lee Kessleman
A Prairie Woman Sings, Eugene Butler
Famine Song, VIDA/arr. Matthew Culloton
Muie Rendera, Brazillian Folk Tunes/arr. Carlos A. Pinto Fonseca
It takes a Village, African Proverb/Joan Szymko
Duerme Negrito, Latin American Lullaby/Atahualpa Yupanqui
And Ain’t I a Woman, Susan Borwick
One Voice, Ruth Moody

Taking Root, 25 Years of Tapestry Singers – November 3, 2012

Taking Root Program Cover
Where the Music Comes From, Lee Hoiby
Tapestry, Ruth Huber
Music in my Mother’s House, Stuart Stotts/J.David Moore
The Stove, Zae Munn
Seal Lullaby, Eric Whitacre
One Voice, Ruth Moody
Lauliku Lapsepoli, Veljo Tormiss
This Morning, Gwyneth Walker
Crossing the Bar, Gwyneth Walker
Iraqi Peace Song, Knut Reiersrud/Lori Tennenhouse
You Are the New Day, John David/Phillip Lawson
Blackbird, John Lennon & Paul McCartney/Mark Brymer
The Sea Witch, Will Nichols & Anthony J. Patterson
No Time, Traditional/Susan Brumfield
On Children, Ysaye M. Barnwell
True Colors, Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly/Deke Sharon
How Can I Keep From Singing?, Robert Lowrey/Gwyneth Walker
Wise Mother, Nell Clowder (Manycats)

Sister Singer, Songs of hope, humor, strength & sisterhood – May 5, 2012

Sister Singer program cover
You are the New Day, John David/Philip Lawson
Birdsong, Paul Read
Fields of Gold, G.M. Sumner/Roger Emerson
Blue Skies, Irving Berlin/Roger Emerson
Bright Morning Stars are Rising, American Folksong/Paul Siskind
Joy, Jocelyn Hagen
Bee! I’m Expecting You!, Emma Lou Diemer
Minoi, Minoi, Samoan Folksong/Christopher Marshall
Alto’s Lament, William Bowlus
Seasons of Love from RENT, Jonathan Larson/Roger Emerson
No Mirrors in my Nana’s House, Ysaye Barnswell
Weep No More, David N. Childs
Nada te turbe, Joan Szymko
True Colors, Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly/Deke Sharon
One Sister Have I in our House, Larysa Kuzmenko, commissioned for Tapestry Singers in memory of Sandy Quarles
For Good from Wicked, Steven Schwartz/Mac Huff

Siren Song, Songs of the Sea – November 5, 2011

Siren Song - songs of the sea Program Cover
The Water of Tyne, English Folk Song; arr. Michael Neaum
Vem Kan Segla, Scandinavian Folk Song; arr. Judith Herrington and Sara Glick
The Sea Witch, Will Nichols & Anthony J. Patterson
The Seal Lullaby, Eric Whitacre
Dawn, from Sea Visions, Daniel Gawthrop
The Sea Bishop, from Sea Visions, Daniel Gawthrop
The Water is Wide, English Folk Song; arr. Luigi Zaninelli
Waters Ripple and Flow, Checho-Slovak Folk Song; arr. Deems Taylor
Les Sirènes, Lili Boulanger
Wasserfarht, Felix Mendelssohn
The Maiden on the Shore, Sam Hooper, commissioned for Tapestry Singers
Cape Breton Lullaby, Kenneth Leslie
The Source of the Waters, Nancy Telfer
Crossing the Bar, Gwyneth Walker
Niška Banja, Serbian Gypsy Dance; arr. Nick Page
Orinoco Flow, Enya and Roma Ryan, arr. Kirby Shaw

Nature’s Glee, Songs in Celebration of Life – May 7, 2011

Nature's Glee Program Cover
Sing Creation’s Music On, from “Song’s Eternity”, Stephen Paulus
Summer is A-coming In, Folk Song, arr. R. Vaughan Williams
Loveliest of Trees, John Duke, arr. Janet Klegberg Day
As Torrents in Summer, Edward Elgar
The Cold Wind, Gerhard P. Schroth
Winds, Larysa Kuzmenko
The Nightingale, Eugene Butler
Chasing the Northern Lights, Nancy Telfer
Três Cantos Nativos do Indios Kraó, Marcos Leite
Breaths, as sung by Sweet Honey in the Rock
Whirligig Beetles, Ruth Watson Henderson
Hotaru Koi, Japanese Folk Song, arr. Rô Ogura
She Weeps Over Rahoon, Eric Whitacre
I will Be Earth, Gwyneth Walker
Let the River Run, Carly Simon, arr. Jay Althouse
Wise Mother, Nell Manycats

Journeys – November 6, 2010

Journeys Program Cover
There is no Frigate Like a Book and I Never Saw a Moor, from Two Poems of Emily Dickinson; Neil Ginsberg
Song for the Mira, Allister MacGillivray; arr. Stuart Calvert
Le Train d’hiver, Marie Claire Saindon
Wasserfarht, Felix Mendelssohn
Abschiedslied der Zuvogel, Felix Mendelssohn
Homeward Bound, Marta Keen
Homeland, Z. Randall Stroope
Lauliku Lapsepoli, Veljo Tormis
A Girl’s Garden, from Frostiana, Randall Thompson
Vem Kan Segla, Carl-Bertil Agnestig, Judith Herrington and Sara Glick
No Time, Susan Brumfiled
Blackbird, John Lennon/Paul McCartney; arr. Mark Brymer
Untraveled Worlds, Paul Halley

An Invitation to Dance – April 17, 2010

An Invitation to Dance Program Cover
Full Moonlight Dance, Karen Beth
Reel á Bouche, Malcolm Dalglish
Come at Dawn, from Three Spanish Ballades; Eugene Butler
Guayacanal, arr. Francisco Nuñez
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, arr. John Rutter
The Log Driver’s Waltz, Ron Smail
A Girl Merrily Was Dancing, from Three Songs from Sweden; arr. Henry Hallstrom
Hej, Igazítsad!, Lajos Bárdos
Dancing-Song, Zoltán Kodály
Tzena, Tzena, Tzena, Tzena; arr. J. David Moore
First Dance, Manisha Shahane
All Join Hands, arr. Emily Crocker
That Raging Canoe, from American Dances; Alice Parker
Voice Dance, Greg Jasperse
I Hope You Dance, Tia Sillers & Mark. D. Sanders; arr. Ed Lojeski

And She Will Rise – November 21, 2009

And She Will Rise Program Cover
O Virga Mediatriz, Hildegard von Bingen
Dark of the Moon & And She Will Rise, from Songs of Libana; Karen Beth and Dakota Butterfield
A White Rose & The Lost Rose, from Rose Trilogy, Eleanor Daley
Aure Volanti, Francesca Caccini
Sechs Lieder, Op. 13 by Clara Schumann, arr. Virginia Davidson
Ich stand in dunklen Traümen
Sie liebten sich Beide
Der Mond kommt still gegangen
Ich hab’in deinem Auge
Die stille Lotosblume
Everything She Touches, Joan Syzmko
This Morning, from My Girls; Gwyneth Walker
Autumn Leaves & Over the Rainbow, from Songs of Eva Cassidy, Kosma, arr Forbes, Arlen, arr. Forbes
Old Dan Tucker, Folk Song, arr. Susan Brumfield
Deep Peace, Donovan

Life Has Loveliness to Sell – April 25, 2009

Life Has Loveliness to Sell Program Cover
Barter, René Clausen
Wise Mother, Nell Manycats
Hush-a-bye, arr. Michael Richardson
Leisure, Eleanor Daley
This Sanctuary of my Soul, Eleanor Daley
Song of Ruth, David N. Childs
Four hands, two necks, one wreathing, Thomas Weelkes
Weep, O Mine Eyes, John Wilbye
Iraqui Peace Song, Lori Tennenhouse
Song for Elie, Ruth Huber
How Merrily We Live, Michael Este
Fair Warning, Shirley McRae
When I am Silent, Joan Varner
The Storm is Passing Over, Charles Albert Tindley, arr. Barbara W. Baker

Traditions, A Celebration of Folk Music and Poetry – November 15, 2008

Traditions Program Cover
Tha ‘n t-uisg’, tha ‘n ceo air na beannan, Traditional Hebridean waulking song; arr. Moore
The Quiet Land of Erin, Irish folksong; arr. Watson
Som W Stawie Rybecki, Polish folksong; Wiechowicz
Niska Banja, Serbian/Roma folk dance; arr. Page
Shenandoah, traditional; arr. Basler
Zion’s Walls, Copland; arr. Koponen
Deep River, traditional; arr. Patriquin
Crossing the Bar, Gwyneth Walker
Sigh No More, Ladies, Wolniakowski
Now I Become Myself, Gwyneth Walker
One Voice, Moody
Will the Circle Be Unbroken, arr. Moore

Pride & Prejudice – April 26, 2008

Pride and Prejudice Program Cover
Sojourner Truth Was a Woman, Nell Manycats
On Children, Ysaye M. Barnwell
23rd Psalm, Bobby Mc Ferin
Las Amarillas, Stephen Hatfield
Spiritual, Ysaye M. Barnwell
To Be Strong, Laura Berkson; arr. J. David Moore
Harriet Tubman, Walter Robinson; arr. John Coates, Jr.
What a Wonderful World, George David Weiss and Bob Thiele; arr. Audrey Snyder
Esto les Digo, Kinley Lange
African Celebration; arr. Stephen Hatfield
Where the Music Comes From, Lee Hoiby

20th Anniversary Concert – October 7, 2007

Anniversary Concert Program Cover
How Can I Keep From Singing, Gwyneth Walker
Wise Mother, Nell Manycats
Sky Dances, Roy Brown
The Stove, from The Muse, The Stove, and the Willow Plate, Zae Munn
No Chicken Today, H. Hooke and P. Brandt; arr. Deadly Nightshades
Fences, Andre Thomas
Dancing Song, Zoltan kodaly
Reel a Bouche, Malcom Dalglish
Everything Possible, Fred Small
Miss Celie’s Blues, Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton
Here We Are, Ruth Huber
Big Dogs, Music & Wild, Wild, Women; Ruth Huber
Joan of Arc, Ruth Huber
The Only You, Ruth Huber
Shadowland, from The Lion King, Lebo M and Hans Zimmer

Maurice Durufle Requiem – March 24, 2007

Performed with Alamo City Men’s Chorale & Texas State University Chorale and Singers

Spring 2007Maurice Durufle Requiem Program Cover
Quatre motets syr des themes gregoriens, Maurice Durufle
Ubi caritas
Tota pulchra es
Tu es Petrus
Tantum ergo
Requiem, Op. 9, Maurice Durufle
I. Introit
II. Kyrie
III. Domine Jesu Christe
IV. Sanctus
V. Pie Jesu
VI. Agnus Dei
VII. Lux aeterna
VIII. Libera me
IX. In Paradisum