Board & Committees

Tapestry Singer

As with any non-profit, volunteer organization, the strength and the drive comes from the membership. Our officers, board members, and committee constituents all give freely of their time and talents to keep our chorus thriving and growing. We would like to recognize their gifts by listing them below:

Principal Staff

Board of Directors

  • President: Barbara Wilson
  • Past President: Norma Jost
  • Vice President: Liz Jambor
  • Secretary: Karen Vazquez
  • Treasurer: Janet Williams
  • Human Resources Directors: Jayne Larson & Kim Meyer
  • Concert Coordinators: Sarah Peters Lancaster & Annie Doerr Gilchrist 
  • Funds Development Coordinator: Renee Minium
  • Publicity Director: Jenna Ryan
  • Weaver (volunteer) Coordinator: Lindsey Ehlers
  • Assistant Treasurers: Kate Rose, Judy Trejo
  • Section Leaders
    • Yvette Armani, soprano 1
    • Rebecca Karoff, soprano 2
    • Celeste Epstein, alto 1
    • Laura Weatherford, alto 2

Committees and Chairpersons

    • Ticket Sales: Monica Jurado Kelly
    • Ad Sales: Emma Adams
    • Program Design: Janet Cobb
    • Music Librarians: Deborah Ritter, Sharon Starrett
    • Webmistress: Celeste Epstein